Audience: IT Support Staff

When used: Adding new and existing customers to daily and weekly roll up reporting.

As new customers subscribe and current customers change employee contacts there will be a need to add or change contacts who will receive the daily and weekly roll up reports. The following will be needed before adding or modifying customers receiving daily and weekly reporting: account subid and email contact name.

Modifying the Daily and Weekly Roll Up Reports

  1. SSH to the primary server as ‘vwpoint’
  2. Type dredit (for daily rollups) OR wredit (for weekly rollups)

    These are aliases for vi /viewPoint/bin/ OR vi /viewPoint/bin/

  3. Using vi commands locate the subid within the shell script OR if the subid is non-existent then create a new entry as follows:
    FORMAT: $Script Path  SUBID  Report Format   Data Fields Included  Date String
    Daily : ${VIEWPOINT}/tools/multiStatHtml  9263  HE YYYYYYYYYYYY N  $dataDate $dataDate
    Weekly: $multiStatHtml  9263  HE YYYYYYYYYYYY N  $dataStartDate $dataEndDate

Report Formats:

HE - HTML Email  (Prefered)
HA - Attached HTML File
ZA - Attached ZIP File

Report Flags:

1 - Alias
2 - Service Target
3 - IP Address
4 - Average Response
5 - Granular Data
6 - Total Tests
7 - Total Errors
8 - Percent Good Tests
9 - Total Outage
10 - Uptime Percent
11 - Ping Data
12 - Notifications

Monthly Rollup Reporting

Monthly reporting is currently a manual process but follows the same logic as the Weekly Rollup reporting.

  1. SSH to the primary server as ‘vwpoint’
  2. cd /viewPoint/bin or type gnwbin

  3. At the prompt type the following:
     $multiStatHtml  9263 HE YYYYYYYYYYYY N  05-01-2004 05-31-2004  [] <ENTER>
    Multiple email addresses can be added separated by commas.

    NOTE: The Y or N before the date range indicates whether the report is to include object level details in the reporting.

  4. The script will pause while the data is being pulled from the database and then the output will appear on the screen and return to the prompt once completed.

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