Issue: Unable to login to subscriber home page. Login prompt is displayed but the login times out and returns to the GNW home page.

Audience: IT Support Staff

  1. Log into iprev2 as www user.

  2. Check to see if the authApacheDaemon is running (ps –ef) and if there are two processes as expected. If not, invoke /home/www/viewPoint/bin/authApacheDaemon executable.
  3. Check to see if oracle is up and running. List the oracle processes using ‘ps –ef’. Use sqlplus to query some data ‘select table_name from all_tables;’. If the database is not running then login to oracle and start it up.
  4. Run the /home/www/viewPoint/bin/ script. If that results in no change continue on.
  5. Finally do a ‘kill -9 <pid>’ on the child authApacheDaemon and the parent authApacheDaemon process should create a new child which should cause things to start working again.

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