Details of various backups and archiving jobs and locations

Netwatch Results

The netwatch results are automatically zipped up and placed in the following directory on iprev2:/extra/netWatch/backup

These files are named in the following format: netWatchResults.061130.gz

Over time, these files will start to fill up the disk on IPREV3.

These files are now being archived to in the following directory: /backups/netwatchResultsBackup and then removed from IPREV2 in order to free up space.

This is not yet an automated process.

XML Archives

The XML files are automatically zipped after two months. The zipped archives are automatically moved to /raid/netwatch/html/data/archive_xml_data on IPREV2. From this location they can be downloaded and burned to a disk for archival purposes.

The XML archives are also now being copied to in the following directory: /backups/clientXmlFiles. This is done manually.

The automatic XML archive process runs once a month on the second of the month. A reminder email listing the archives that were created is sent to

Refer to Adding Customers to XML Data Feeds for information on setting up a new XML account to be automatically archived.

Production Server Apache Logs

The Apache logs on the main production server are being copied to in the following directory: /backups/mainServer_Apache_logs. This is done manually.

The following command will transfer any files older than 7 days to k2 for backup

A keypair has been set up so that a password is not needed to login to k2 as root from iprev3 as root

On iprev3 the Apache log is written to /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log If this log grows to 2GB the Apache web server will stop working.

On iprev3 the netwatch Apache logs are written to: /extra/netwatch/logs

On iprev3 the compare10 Apache logs are written to: /extra/compare10/logs


There is a cron job that runs on the iprev2 root crontab that uses rsync to synchronize important files from the primary server (iprev3) to the backup server (iprev2). This runs every night at 9:05pm.

Details of the synchronization:

Note: On iprev3 /raid is a link to /extra

Backup / Sync Jobs on prod1

Backup / Sync Jobs on mail2

Backup / Sync Jobs on kbase

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