Audience: IT Support Staff

When used: Changing the Object-level detail of transactions

Customers may request to see the data regarding the download timings of different objects contained in their web transaction in order to determine the impact of certain objects contained in their website.

This can be changed with the script. You will need the subid, and service count.

This is the preferred method for changing the object level detail for a service or transaction.

  1. SSH to the primary server as ‘vwpoint’
  2. cd /viewPoint/tools OR type gnwtls
  3. At the prompt type the following: <enter>

  4. The script will prompt you for the subid and service count:
     [vwpoint@iprev2 tools]$
     SubID: 9190
     ServiceCnt: 7
     This is a Web Server Transaction Set: (based on service count)
     Basic Operation: [0]
     All object details combined: [1]
     Object Detail Operation: [2]
     Enter the Operation Type [0,1,2]: 1  
     "Successfully update the service"
    At this time you can select 0,1,2 for transactions OR 0,1 for services. The script looks at the service count to determine whether it’s a service or transaction set.

    The full page httpfservice tables have two settings: 0 or 1.

     0 is simple full page
     1 is full object detail

    The httptservice table has three settings, 0, 1, or 2.

     0 - HTML Only
     1 - Simple Full Page
     2 - Full Object Detail – All Objects Downloaded

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