How to make DDL changes while Bucardo replication is enabled: ** Follow this document exactly, any variations may cause data inconsitencies between the master servers. ** If the DDL changes involve the results tables, disable rcvMonRes before starting. I will be using the "addresses" table in this example. I assume you are root, these commands can also be done as your user with the use of sudo. This document will indicate when changes are required on both master database servers, otherwise all commands should be performed on the current owner of resource group "pgmaster01"

1. (On both database servers) Disable all cron based cleanup jobs:

2. Freeze the cluster:

3. Switch to the "postgres" user: (On both database servers)

4. (On both database servers) Remove the target table(s) from replication, make the DDL changes and re-add it:

5. Switch back to root and start replication:

6. Check the stats of replication (do this for 3-5 mins to make sure everything is working)

7. (On both database servers) Re-enable the cleanup jobs from step 1:

8. Un-Freeze the cluster:

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