DNS Updates

Current BIND servers (all primary):

Login as root.

cd /var/named/chroot/var/named

There is a file for each domain name (globalnetwatch.com, globalnetwatch.net, compare10.com, compare10.net)

An example is the globalnetwatch.com file. In this file you will see entries for all of the GNW nodes and servers.

Update Serial Number: Whenever a change is made to a domain file the Serial number at the top of the file needs to be changed. The serial number is of the format YYYYMMDDnn and consists of the date of change (YYYYMMDD) and the revision number (nn). For example if a change is being made on 4/16/2007 that date would be used and the revision number would be incremented by one. 2007041602


$TTL 86400 ; Start of Authority record @ IN SOA        theplanet.globalnetwatch.com.    maint.globalnetwatch.com. (                 2007041602      ; Serial number - YYYYMMDDnn - nn=revision number                 28800           ; refresh                 7200            ; retry                 604800          ; expire                 3600)           ; minimum 

After making all changes to the DNS records restart the named service.

service named restart  Shutting down named: [  OK  ] Starting named: [  OK  ]

A useful site for checking dns settings and other dns tools: http://www.dnsstuff.com

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