Deploying Node

The following list details configuration items that must be updated before & after the node has been deployed into the field.

Configuration Before Deployment

You will need to practice deploying the node to a new ip address. After practicing, you will again need to change the nodes ip address before shipping out. Follow these procedures to change the network configuration of the node. Configure Linux Networking

Configuration After Deployment

Whether this node is is a new node to the GNW network or replacing an old node the procedures are the same.

  1. Export entire databsae from another production node. Refer to Installing Oracle XE on Nodes

  2. Import the database dmp into the new node. Refer to Installing Oracle XE on Nodes

  3. Using sqlplus update the production server database table, monitornode, with the information for the new node

    • SQL> insert into monitornode (nodeid,nodename,nodeip,description,change,status) values (43,'', '', 'Los Angeles, CA, US', 0, 'A');

      Then do the same thing on all of the node databases.

  4. If this is a new node enter the node info into the validnodelist table in the production database.

    • SQL> insert into validnodelist (nodeid,description,colorid,lineid,subtype) values (42,'Seattle, US', 0, 0, 100);
      SQL> insert into validnodelist (nodeid,description,colorid,lineid,subtype) values (42,'Seattle, US', 0, 0, 105);
      SQL> insert into validnodelist (nodeid,description,colorid,lineid,subtype) values (42,'Seattle, US', 0, 0, 200);
      SQL> insert into validnodelist (nodeid,description,colorid,lineid,subtype) values (42,'Seattle, US', 0, 0, 300);
      SQL> commit;
    • Consult the subscriptiontype table for the list of needed subtypes.

  5. Update all 3 GNW DNS servers with the node's new ip address.
  6. Setup for export of data to production db server. First login as vwpoint and edit the .bash_profile and change export GNW_DBSERVER=

  7. Setup snapshot ftp destination in .bash_profile and .profile:
    • export GNW_FTPSERVERS=
      export NODEID=70  (use node id of current node)
  8. Setup outgoing files
    • cd $VIEWPOINT/var
      rm data.*
      touch data.yymmdd    <== be sure to insert correct date
      echo 0000000000 >
  9. Copy the contents of the /home/vwpoint/viewPoint/postData directory on cablegnw to the same location on the new node.

  10. Startup monitoring agents on the node with gnwstart

  11. Check the vwpoint and root crontab and turn on services that might have been commented out during testing.
  12. Make sure crond is set to run:
     [root@coloamerica ~]# chkconfig --list | grep crond
    If crond is not listed in chkconfig, turn it on with:
     [root@coloamerica ~]# chkconfig crond on
    If crond is not currently running it can be started with
     [root@coloamerica ~]# service crond start
     [  OK  ] crond: [  OK  ]
  13. Verify the ntp time synchronization is working correctly. See Configure NTP

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