Audience: IT Support Team

When used: Anytime a transaction is failing and remapping is required.

  1. Log into GNW customer’s account (user id & password in Failing Services Alerts email) and step through the screen manually to determine what has changed from before. If necessary, take screen shots for later reference.

  2. If the application seems to be working, then determine what needs to change for the transaction to work again. This should be immediately sent out through customer service.
  3. In most cases fixes should be made immediately in order to reduce the amount of data possibly lost.

Remapping the transaction

  1. cd /home/vwpoint/transactions/<customer directory>

  2. Create new copy of the current transaction script.
  3. After making changes upload the new script to the account.
  4. Once the transaction is online you can propagate it and update the object level, nodes, etc.

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