Generating Test SNMP Alerts

If a client wants to receive a test SNMP alert from GNW without actually causing one of their targets to fail, a test SNMP alert can be generated from the command line.

Generating the alert:

  1. Login to the production server as vwpoint
  2. Enter the following command from the command line making appropriate changes based on the client information.

/usr/bin/snmptrap -v 1 -T 'UDP' -p '162' -c 'gnw'  '' enterprises.27606 6 '1' '' enterprises.27606.1.1.1 i '171' enterprises.27606. s 'gnwdemo:devserver' enterprises.27606. s 'Web Page' enterprises.27606. i 1 

A breakdown of the above command follows (most of this information can be found in the notification center settings):

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