History of GNW Source Code

It never hurts to laugh a little. ;-)

The little disk drive that could

The reality of the matter

The GNW source code repository was lost sometime in early 2005 due to a bad hard drive. There were no recent backups to be found. There was a CD found in the bank vault but the source code was way too old. Eventually there were 5 different "sandboxes" of the source code found on various machines around the GNW office. It was determined that they were from 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.1.3 and source code trees. We spent a lot of time looking at the various trees of source code and could not determine that any one of them were the exact match to the software that was running in production.

So, we had a quandry. We decided to reconstitute the source code tree primarily from 4.1.3 and It was determined that certain parts of 4.1.3 sandbox were more up to date than and vice-versa. We called this new version of the source code 5.0.0.

We still have a quandry to this day. Every time a piece of the system requires a bug fix or enahncement, we have to build the 5.0.0 source code for that component and perform a black box test on it to ensure that it behaves exactly the same way as on production before we can even begin to "fix" the code. We cannot have any confidence in the validity of our 5.0.0 source code tree until every executable has gone through this exercise.

There have been several instances where the source code examined under the 5.0.0 tree does not match the behavior of the executables running in production. In those cases you must examine the differences between the source code of 5.0.0 against the various sandboxes use to re-constitute it. The various sandboxes can be found on the devserver box and are listed below.

There is also a copy of this source code on the shared network drive. \\Kbase.globalnetwatch.com\gnw shared\ITTeamFolder\GNWSourceCode

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