Installing Monitoring Software

Sync Production Node Software

Login as vwpoint or root

Use rsync to copy all the contents over.

Edit the .bash_profile and add the following content. [Note: Change the address of GNW_DBSERVER to the server ip you want to send back data to]

Add the following to .bashrc

Now since most of the check scripts run as bourne shell you need to add the following content to the .profile file. [Note: Change the address of GNW_DBSERVER to the server ip you want to send back data to]

Create root User Environment

Create environment files in /etc/profile.d/

ORACLE_HOME=/usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server;export ORACLE_HOME

VIEWPOINT=/home/vwpoint/viewPoint; export VIEWPOINT
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/vwpoint/viewPoint/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH

As root setup the folders /data/extra and /data/tmp.

Configure Node Software

Configure Background Cron Jobs

Edit vwpoint users crontab with crontab -e and add the following content.

Login as root and edit the crontab with crontab -e and append the following content.

Configure Shared Library

Create a new file /etc/ with the following content.

Then execute ldconfig to update the shared library cache. You will have to press return twice.

Then do the following to verify that it is configured correctly.

Configure Email Server

The default sendmail configuration on RedHat/Fedora only listens on All GNW nodes need to be able to receive email from the server. This email contains the configuration information telling the node what to monitor. There is a line in /etc/mail/ that looks like this:

As root you need to comment out that line by adding "dnl" to the beginning then rebuild the file:

Still as root edit the /etc/aliases file and add the following content

Now make the new aliases affective:

Change directory to /etc/smrsh. In this directory create a symbolic link to the emailMsgSave executable. The smrsh program (used by sendmail) will only allow files in this directory to be executed from the /etc/aliases file.

Change directory to /home/vwpoint/viewPoint/bin. Set the sticky bit on emailMsgSave and

To allow outgoing email add the following line to the /etc/hosts.allow file

Check the /etc/hosts file. The order of listing is important. The word localhost should come after the address. Use the following format:

Now restart the mail server.

To evaluate your sendmail server settings.

Configuring Node in Server Database

Login to the server as vwpoint user. Login to sqlplus as the vwpoint user. Insert the new node into the MONITOR_NODE and VALIDNODELIST tables.

Now flush the change out to the nodes.

Start the Node Software

Ensure your GNW_SERVERLEVEL is set to 'secondary' and the your GNW_DBSERVER has the correct IP address.

Finally, start the node software with the alias gnwstart.

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