ORA-00020: maximum number of processes (100) exceeded

Audience: IT Support Staff

If the database is not working, pages will be sent. The support email will also be sent and runs at 15 minute intervals currently. If the database is having problems, the most likely cause is the error: ORA-00020: maximum number of processes (100) exceeded.

If this error occurs, the system has had a sendmail cascade failure trying to send alerts, which has backed up onto the nodes and therefore the database.

To correct the problem:

1. Log into the main server as vwpoint and restart the netwatch software

2. cd /home/vwpoint/viewPoint/bin/

3. At the prompt type: stopNetwatch.sh

4. Wait 10 seconds

5. At the prompt type: startNetwatch.sh

6. Go to the web site (http://www.globalnetwatch.com) and make sure it allows you to login and view reports.

Note: This problem has largely been removed due to the daily restarting of the GNW processes through the crontab. Occurs at approx. 5am .

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