ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted

This is a bug with Oracle 8i that can easily be resolved by rebuilding the table index.

First you need to determine which table index is causing this error. This will require finding the exact Pro*C query in the C/C++ source code and executing it in sqlplus. If the query immediately causes this same error, then you have found the correct table.

Login as the vwpoint user. If on a node, you might have to stop all the processes with the gnwstop alias. Export the table in question using the following Oracle command. When prompted for username/password use the system userid.

Login to sqlplus as the system account and drop the table in question.

Exit from sqlplus and execute the following command to import the table and all of its associated objects including the problematic index.

Don't forget to restart the GNW agents on the node with the gnwstart alias.

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