Phone system administration: ** At the time this was written, not changes have been made by GNW other than adding a few buttons to a phone so there isn't much to tell.....

1. RDP to as user "vmailpro"

2. Open application "Manager" on the desktop.

3. Go to File->Open Configuration

4. Choose "GlobalNetWatch" from the list and click "OK"

5. The username and password are in the master password document.

About Voicemail

When a voicemail is left for user, an email gets sent to them with the caller details and an attachment of the audio. The voicemail server uses email address " " to send the email.

To add a button to a phone:

  1. Click on "User" on the far left menu:
  2. Double click on the user you want to edit in the middle frame.
  3. On the right, all the details will be displayed about the user. Go to the "Button Programming" tab.
  4. Select an open slot in the list, click "Edit" on the top right
  5. Fill in the details about the button.....

Additional documentation can be found at \\kbase\GNW IT Infrastructure\Office Operations\Phone System

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